Tuesday, January 01, 2008

round 2..

i had to go back for more IV antibiotics yesterday morning.. then i went to the dentist who tortured me for an hour and charged me $100.00 for the pain.. she didn't take out the tooth and now i have to go to the hospital and get dental surgery on thursday..im not in any pain now though, so its okay i guess. im just worn out from it all and ready fo it to be over and to be holding my new baby! that will make the whole past few weeks of hell better! im due in 11 days..so any day now.


Brynn's Mama said...

Oh Fern! Childbirth is going to be a cinch after all of this! I am so sorry you had to go through this so late in your pregnancy and I am sending healing tooth vibes your way and hoping that sweet baby girl stays put until you can have water for the birth. :)

Aubrey said...

GAH. I am SO sorry you're going through this crap. The only thing that's good about any of it is that at least it's going to be all taken care of *before* the new Teeny comes. Can you imagine how complicated it would be to go through all this with your newborn? Oy, no fun.
I'll be thinking of you on Thursday & thinking healy vibes for you. I've had oral surgery more than once myself. I know how sucky it is! Big fat hugs to you my dear!