Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ngaio, my nearly 3 year old daughter, Loves Snails..
it all started when we got her this Pull-Along Plan Toys Snail..
she calls him "snailey guy" that was when she was just 2 but maybe younger... the years blur!

For her birthday, which is coming up on the 28th of November i am making her a snail themed party.. i was sort of kind of thinking of making a snail cake and im going to make a giant snail so the kids can do Pin-the-feelers-on-the-snail.. and i found wonderful snail print fabric on etsy that im going to sew up something with, as well as this beautifully made skirt and pinafore set from 3lilmuses which i splurged on for her.. because its just so lovely, i couldn't resist...but there real reason i'm writing this is because in my search for snailey crafts to do with the kids i found this so wonderful knitting pattern for these wee snails and slugs. im almost finished making my first one and its just sweet and so simple.. i had to share! as soon as i am..ill post a picture. my plan is to knit a whole bucket full and give her a pail of snails...

with love and snails,

Sunday, November 02, 2008


we had a pretty great halloween this year. there were all sorts of fun events and are a few pictures of the kids. elwynn was a knight in shining armor for school, and ngaio was a faerie. rue was a snowflake.. evening costumes..elwynn as a pirate and ngaio little red riding hood (yes, it looks like she was eating chocolate, but no.. hehehe).
not the best photography, my camera battery was dying.. always at the worst time.
elwynn drew this most amazing skull and we carved it out as a jack-o-lantern.. it was very cool. this photo does not do it justice.
also, a picture of our very own black cat..