Friday, March 21, 2008

spring has sprung!

officially but not really totally yet where we are. in fact, there was a fresh coat of snow on the ground when i awoke this morning.. funny sincejust yesterday i was outside in a tee-shirt on my knees starting to weed the garden..but the days are getting longer and there are definite signs of spring around. ngaio and i saw a butterfly a few days ago and the cows down the road are all birthing their calves. i got to scratch a brand new calf under the chin one sunny morning last week. it came right up to the fence to meet me and elwynn. it was just beautiful. mama still had the umbilical cord hanging out of her! she hadn't yet passed her placenta. its sad to thing that they are born just to get big and be eaten, yet they are still so tame and trusting of humans.
im looking forward toi having a huge garden this year. timothy has already started a few things in one of our sunny south facing windows, i'm sure it will just be a few weeks and we will have the shelf full of small green sprouts. yay!

may can't come soon enough.. my sister is moving up to the north thompson!! hopefully the clearwater hospital wont close (dr. shortage) because she wants to live in little fort or clearwater to be near us.

elwynn, ngaio and rue-bee are doing well..ngaio just got over a rather nasty sickness but she is very much back to her old self now. its amazing how fast they bounce back at 2!

elwynn is happy to be free of school for spring break. its hard getting up so early for such a small guy, but summer will be here soon enough.

rue is almost 2 months old now. time is flying by sooo fast! she is absolutely the most sweet baby in the world (they all are though!) im just sooooo in love. i can't get enough of her smiles and little "coo's & goo's"

so that's our short update..

no knitting in sight but i did get some beautiful white and pink and red veregated HPY in the mail a while ago from just waiting for some free time to cast on some longies.. one day..right?