Sunday, May 13, 2007

my prrdy red henna and ngaio at faeries&fools

here is my new hair colour.. i used persian red rainbow henna with ground cloves and paprika..
i love it! i wish that my hair was like this naturally! kinda a weird picture, sorry.. self portraits are hard. i want to get a picture in the sunshine because it just glows. its rad.

yesterday was faeries&fools and i totally forgot that i had my camera with be but for a few pictures of ngaio (so sad because there were some amazing costumes) here she is being a cute faerie baby

Sunday, May 06, 2007

yesterday the local waldorf school held their annual mayfaire. we watched all of the flower laiden children dance and sing. it was a beautiful crisp day and everyone full of smiles.
elwynn and i watched a beautiful puppet show about a boy and his magical horse while ngaio and timothy played in the school grounds and then we spent the rest of the day in the city with my sister having a picnic and playing at the park.
a perfect spring day!