Wednesday, February 13, 2008


well, i hanv't knit a stitch..but we are home and so happy to be! there is at least 2 feet of beautiful white snow surrounding our little cozy home and town, but it seems like we missed most of winter while we were away. spring is on its way i think..

ngaio just threw herself onto the floor of the library..gtotta go.

Friday, February 08, 2008


well, the roads are closed due to mother nature.. avalanches and slides all over the place..both routes home closed! we are about an hour and a half from where we started and are staying with tim's grandparents till they re-open the road..probably..hopefully tomorrow!

on a happy note, we went thrift store shopping today and found lots of rad treasures..some beautiful soft fleece lined jeans for elwynn and a bunch of fancy baby/toddler, its not all bad. i hear they are thinking of opening a thrift store in little fort..yay for thrift stores!

i really wish my knitting bag wasn't in my mom's van! she is meeting us up there (little fort) tomorrow because we couldnt fit all of our stuff and kiddos in our van, but now im itching to knit something..rue sleeps lots still and i know i should take advantage of it. i always want to knit when i havn't got my stuff. grRrR.

xoxo fern

Monday, February 04, 2008

finally, home is on the horizon..

January has come and gone since being here, in the big city, but we are finally heading home!
the next few days will be full of packing up and goodbyes then we are on our way homeward Thursday morning.

i'm feeling a mixture of excitement and the long snowy drive with 3 kids&a dog&cat!
at being home in our own little house, but without any extra hands to hold and help..wondering how timothy will find some work in the deep of winter...but i know that everything will fall into place as it should.

life is so beautiful with a baby in it!