Monday, April 16, 2007

pictures of spring

strawberry shortcake picky pants

my very first sock!

im very pleassed with how this turned out. shocked at how easy socks are to knit and mad at myself that i havn't been knitting them all along!
they are from this pattern
but like usual, im too much of an anarchist to follow the pattern completely so i just used it for the dimensions and foot shaping..
i love long socks that work with rubber boots, so that is what i made.
im nearly done the second one and i have already picked out the yarn for my next pair.
they fit elwynn ( THE MODEL) and on ngaio they are a bit large, but im sure by next winter they will be perfect.
im addicted to socks now!

tattoo update!

i went in for another 5 hour session with matta yesterday.. she touched up and added colour to the first piece and outlined the next. there is still a lot to do, but its coming along!
i can't take a picture of the new part though because its a very weird angle, so i'll have to get timothy to take a few when he gets home. i really wanted to show what it would look like when its all done, so here is an idea. i love it. the colour just really brings it alive.