Monday, April 16, 2007

my very first sock!

im very pleassed with how this turned out. shocked at how easy socks are to knit and mad at myself that i havn't been knitting them all along!
they are from this pattern
but like usual, im too much of an anarchist to follow the pattern completely so i just used it for the dimensions and foot shaping..
i love long socks that work with rubber boots, so that is what i made.
im nearly done the second one and i have already picked out the yarn for my next pair.
they fit elwynn ( THE MODEL) and on ngaio they are a bit large, but im sure by next winter they will be perfect.
im addicted to socks now!


Aurora said...

I love it! I just finished my very first sock too! I have always avoided them because I thought they would be hard, but I am addicted now.

Kim said...

socks are so much fun!!! Those look great! :) Watch out, this is all you will want to knit now! :)