Tuesday, September 26, 2006

documenting herstory..a picturebook ~by fern

my first picky pants

these were knit with blackberry ridge merino in the firecracker colourway. i love these longies! my model is ngaio... my sweet baby girl!

Monday, September 25, 2006

food not bombs!

i guess this is hello..

so.. as you may know already.. im new to this whole blog thing. i wanted a way to document what im doing in my life and especially with my fibre arts but writing in a book is nearly impossible for me these days. elwynn has decided that any piece of paper i ask him not to write or draw on is actually HIS and he will have it no matter what i say. that is the doom of my last 2 attempts at a writing book. so here i am.. type type typing.. his drawing are beautiful and creative and make me giggle, so i cannot really complain..but i do want and need a space of my own..so here i am.

i hate dpn's!

ug. metal dpn's suck!! i always try to avoid them as a rule. i knit on circs till its nearly impossible.. i know.. i know.. not really how its supposed to go.. but baby + 4 year old + dpn's = disaster.. at least on on circs i can be rest assured that my project is safe. i guess i need to go buy myself some nice bamboo ones..maybe they will prove less slippy.. im not sure why i never have before.. i guess i kinda like the weight and click of metal needles. its what i learned on and what i have.. but dang. its so crappy when your project gets frogged by an over excited 10 month old monster baby.

Pumpkin head

the hat i just finished is for a swap im doing.. the momma requested a pumpkin hat or an acorn hat and since halloween is impending and i love autumn more than any other season i was excited by her request.. i found a pattern (http://www.knitlist.com/97gift/pumpkin.htm) and knit it up pretty quickly.. the yarn i used is "alta"a wool, mohair blend. its pretty soft and lovely to work with.. nothing super fancy but the colors are rich and beautiful.. im kind of sad to part with it now that it is complete.. should i send it away? or knit another... hmhmmhmm.

another day another hat...

im still awake. its 12:12am..ive finished and begun anther hat..another stitch..another piece of art..

sometimes i wonder if ill ever get around to knitting myself something. i how i'd so love a beautiful soft pair of fingerless gloves.. something warm and cozy and cabled..i know some day i will create something just for me.. one day... when my kids are too big to be bundled up in endless woolens by my gentle demand.

its so quiet when they are both finally asleep.. with timothy so far away right now our home feels empty.. sometimes i thirst for the space - a moment away from him and the babe's - but today i just miss him...
its a good thing ive got lots to knit.