Sunday, December 31, 2006

which one?

we are lookng at buying a new (old) van.. we want diesel so we can run it on biodiesel/veggie oil..our choices have been narrowed down to a toyota and a mitsubishi .. they are similar in most regards (both 91', have 7 or 8 seats, diesel, right hand drive, very low mileage and they have skylights!!!...) the mitsubishi is a 4X4 with a truck chasie and is said to be very reliable and well made. the toyota has seats that swivel and fold up in all sorts of ways and is also said to be a great family car... there is about $2000 difference between the two.
im partial to the toyota, timothy to the do we decide? money is an issue, but we want to make a good choice as it will probably be our car for the next 10 years. timothy even did a tarot card reading last night.. it said that the toyota is the more practical choice but he still wants to get he bigger fancier one.. okay has a cooler box that makes ice or heats things up and has a pushbar and is a very manly van. but, it costs a lot more and it is pretty much the same often will be be going off roading in our family car? well, not that often..
the biggest thing for me is that the toyota is a lot better on gas mileage and until we convert the engine to veggie oil it is still going to be quite expensive to drive - as biodiesel is still around $1.oo~ a liter -
this is what they look like.. the delica we are thinking on is all white with skylights (crystal high roof).. the toyta is the one that we looked at a few days ago..

toyota townace..

mitsubishi delica..

how do we decide??

rajani in her new hat..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

oOoOH! i want this book!


these books are on order and hopefully will be arriving soon! i cant wait. im so so excited!

Monday, December 18, 2006

my first try at doll making..

i decided today that i had to make a doll.. so i found some fabric and hair and such and its coming together really well.. im hand sewing, not my best talent, but its working out and the yarn i am using for the hair has me giddy with delight. she is going to be a faerie doll for ngaio. the body is blue cotton velour and stuffed with wool batting.. her face is some stretchy cotton in a cream colour (an old shirt of mine). she will be simple but sweet.. im not usiang a pattern, just an idea in my head of how to do it, so she will probably be the first of many.. im already hooked.

im thinking of making her clothes from felted wool sweaters.. and wings as well! im so happy when im making things!

her hair is only stitched on in the center part so i have some major work to do there and her body is still needing some adjustments. im not sure if i want her to be able to sit or not. right now she is just sort of stuffed to see what her shape will be like. no arms or hands or feet yet and her head is just pinned on.

Friday, December 01, 2006

noah's longies..finished at long last!

these look lighter than they are in true light...