Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday!

We have celebrated 3 birthdays in the past few months!Ngaio had her 3rd Birthday in November Elwynn turned 6 in December! and Yesterday, January 24th, was Rue-bee's first birthday!

I remember in vivid detail each birth... each day before and after they were born.
how much i wanted to meet them and the tiniest inklings of fear that something might happen and i may never know them.. i feel very blessed and very thankful that these small people chose me to be their mother and that i have had every day for 6, 3 and 1 year to get to know just who they are.. inside and out. i look forward to growing along side these beautiful beings for ever and a day..

i try to live in awe and remember to see the world through their wide open eyes. if we could all see and experience the world the way children do, it would be a much happier existence for all.

thank you for choosing me! you are my universe.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a moment in time

i just have a second, but here are a few pictures of rue...her first birthday is nearing!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

this involves knitting!


so today at the library(where i wrote my last rambling post) as i was checking out, i spied..not one, but TWO new knitting books! i have to say that I'm utterly in love with my librarian. she is a bit prickly to begin with. in fact the first year i lived in Clearwater i was sure she outright despised me (well more like my rowdy kids).. but i found the way to her heart.. yes. knitting! it took me a while to notice that all of the best books in the library were fibre related..but lo and behold i have a kindred spirit! she is the head librarian here, and so with her magical book powers she orders a Lot of beautiful knitting/fibre books, and magazines.. including spin off, and interweave and vogue knitting and more..and LIVING CRAFTS! she hadn't heard of it but when i brought the winter issue in to show her she was soOo excited and ordered a library subscription on the spot. *gush* she knits and felts and sells her wares at the local farmers market AND has agreed that we Must start a knitters and weavers guild in Clearwater come spring. so much fun.

okay.. but back to the books.. the first is called "i love to knit socks" let me just start with "holy mother" these socks are sexy and beautiful and nifty and just wow. Ive come to the realization that my weeks of insomnia root from the need to knit socks. for me! yes.. all for meeee. I'm not one to knit myself anything much, so this is a big step. anyways.. if you love tm o knit socks.. or even look at socks you MUST see this book.. it has legwarmers too! second book. "knit to be square" all of the patters are knit in squares.. domino knitting? its a technique Ive never before used, but the patterns in this book are so lovely. i will learn! there is a pattern called "two block hat" that is just absolutely to die for. its pixie to the tree tops and just so sweet! im searching for a picture to add to this post..


I'm so sad. my hopes and dreams of posting regularly on my blog have been dashed since my computer crashed and died in December.. i had high hopes that it would be fixable, but no such luck. i did get an old computer given to me, but alas its a heap of crap, and every time i try to a) install flash player b) download pictures from my camera.. it restarts and acts all glitchy. so until i get the guts up to shell out mad cash to buy a new computer.. a laptop I'm thinking.. ill be blogging rarely. i suppose that i could still write, but somehow it feels so much less fun when there aren't pictures to post along with the words, because face it. my words are less than eloquent these days.. but since its been..well nearly two months since my last post i thought i had better say something!

my last post pail-o-snails.. well, i did make one, but i never did make a pail full. one day! i really tried to craft this winter, but having a 9-10-11 month old baby, a 3 year old!! and a 6 year old! makes it fairly difficult..especially since rue-bee is a mama's girl through and through..and pretty clingy these days to boot.

ngaio turned 3 on November 28th.. it snowed that day, the first real snow of the year.. which is amazing because she was born on the first snow of that year ('05) it felt magical and special. after a snail cake with bees wax candles! and a special birthday party where she wore our new felt birthday crown and her snaily outfit i bought her from etsy we bundled up and had an evening of tobogganing in the dark snowyness.

i love that feeling of the first real wintery day when it all feels so wonderful. by now after 4 feet of snow..-36 temps and now rain and slushyness.. well, winter feels like it will never end!

more news..
elwynn turned 6 on December 26th.. the day after Christmas is a hard day for a birthday, but he did amazingly well, all considering. we had a small family party and..honestly its kind of a blur. but he was happy. birthdays are so strange. its a happy time, but also kind of sad for me. i cant believe that i have a 6 year old son! i mean.. really. that's pretty wild. he is so sweet and smart and artistic and independent. he is a person of his own. and a pretty wicked one at that! and my niece haeven had her 6th birthday on December 5th. i didn't get to see her but i was thinking of her lots that day. i remember when she was born. i became an auntie that day!!

rue is going to be 1 in a few weeks. she isn't yet walking, but is close! she says lots of words.. mostly mama, dog, ball, dad, gentle, up, down, hi, sure there are others.
life is a lot of fun with her in our lives.. much more so than i could have envisioned a year and a bit ago when i found out she was growing in my belly. having 3 kids is very rewarding, challenging for sure, but if anything its renewed my faith in the world and i know that i will have at least a few more some day. crazy? no!

and in other news, timothy got a new job as a baker at our local grocery store. he found out on the first of january. a very good omen! he seems to be enjoying it despite having to be there at 4am.
he is living in a house just a block from us.. im really happy about our family dynamic now. we get on great, have our space and have fun when we are together, which is what we lacked when living together. this year is proving to be a great one already.

happy winter solstice..happy new year..
love, light & wisdom to all.