Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday!

We have celebrated 3 birthdays in the past few months!Ngaio had her 3rd Birthday in November Elwynn turned 6 in December! and Yesterday, January 24th, was Rue-bee's first birthday!

I remember in vivid detail each birth... each day before and after they were born.
how much i wanted to meet them and the tiniest inklings of fear that something might happen and i may never know them.. i feel very blessed and very thankful that these small people chose me to be their mother and that i have had every day for 6, 3 and 1 year to get to know just who they are.. inside and out. i look forward to growing along side these beautiful beings for ever and a day..

i try to live in awe and remember to see the world through their wide open eyes. if we could all see and experience the world the way children do, it would be a much happier existence for all.

thank you for choosing me! you are my universe.

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Gen said...

Beautiful & heartwarming.