Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ngaio, my nearly 3 year old daughter, Loves Snails..
it all started when we got her this Pull-Along Plan Toys Snail..
she calls him "snailey guy" that was when she was just 2 but maybe younger... the years blur!

For her birthday, which is coming up on the 28th of November i am making her a snail themed party.. i was sort of kind of thinking of making a snail cake and im going to make a giant snail so the kids can do Pin-the-feelers-on-the-snail.. and i found wonderful snail print fabric on etsy that im going to sew up something with, as well as this beautifully made skirt and pinafore set from 3lilmuses which i splurged on for her.. because its just so lovely, i couldn't resist...but there real reason i'm writing this is because in my search for snailey crafts to do with the kids i found this so wonderful knitting pattern for these wee snails and slugs. im almost finished making my first one and its just sweet and so simple.. i had to share! as soon as i am..ill post a picture. my plan is to knit a whole bucket full and give her a pail of snails...

with love and snails,


jaz said...

I wanna see pictures!

jaz said...

post more fern! I'm always checking your blog, and I want to see something new.. lol