Monday, December 31, 2007

my visit to the ER! 38 weeks pregnant..

last night around 8:30 the pain in my mouth/head got so bad that i had a major meltdown & panic attack and couldn't stop sobbing or even catch my breath. i called my midwife and she said "go to the medical clinic!" but none were open so i went to the ER.. hospitals are the LAST place in the world i will go.. i don't ever choose it, so this was pretty major for me... i wanted to go.
my dp took me while my mom put my 2 little ones to sleep (thank goddess for mothers!) as soon as the admitting nurse talked to me i burst into tears and she sat me down and took my BP which amazingly was lower than its been for my midwife since 25 weeks and she said "good!" (i have borderline high BP generally) my pulse was racing though..anyways..i calmed down and told her that i was 38 weeks pregnant and exhausted from no sleep for 5 nights and not being able to eat really anything and being in so much unbearable pain despite 3 full days on oral antibiotics and extra strength tylenol..then i waited, then they gave me a bracelet and took me down the hall to another waiting room full of puking and injured people. all i could do was sit with my eyes closed and rock in pain. finally a dr. came and took me to a bed and asked me what was going on and again i burst into tears (im such a dork) he looked my my mouth said "we can give you IV antibiotics and tylenol 3's or morphine pills but you have to see a dentist tomorrow!" so i went back and waited for the dr. and got the iv put in and got a huge dose of penicillin and some nasty green pills that im pretty sure were morphine because with about 15 minutes i was chatting and laughing with some guy with a shattered foot. it took a while for the iv drip to finish and the dr came back with some other pain meds for the night (t-3s..?!) and a prescription for tylenol 3's to fill today. all of this was done in a super uncomfy chair in a corner of their middle-of-a-reno ER ..after all of that my tummy was growling and i was totally thinking about eating KFC and ribs that i saw made on a cooking show earlier in the day while trying to distract myself (2 things i have never ever in my life eaten) and we were just hoping our car wasn't towed from the 15 minute parking lot that it had been in for the last 3 hours (it was 11:30 by the time we left the hospital) we finally got home and my stomach was in major pain from so much medication and no food, so i ate whole milk yogurt and a bagel with cream cheese and a glass of milk and it slowly went away..then i tried to sleep (im soOoOo tired) and to no avail. i was up all night again. not in pain.. i just could. not.sleep. i feel like a zombie..i read most of a trashy mystery novel staring china bales, ametuer detective and herb & tea shop owner and at about 3 am made some toast with nutritional yeast to drive away the gnawing hunger in my belly again.great night, huh?!
im not in any major pain and i have to go back again today for another dose of iv antibiotics (i had to keep the line in with this funky gauze handwarmer) so im just catching up here then going back to the hospital. i have a dentist appt. at 3 and then hopefully ill be on the road to normalcy again!!

oh and to top it off the hot water tank broke yesterday, so if i go into labour in the next few water birth for us

*thank you baby for staying in and being so good and keeping me from jumping off a bridge in pain. i love you and can't wait to meet you!*

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Lizz said...

Fern-Last winter at about 38 weeks pregnant myslef I got a horrible ear infection. I've never had one and normally very healthy. I thought I was going to die! I made a 3AM ER visit and took antibiotics (that I never take) and some pain meds. This is exactly what these things are for. And I knew I was taking care of myself and my baby.

Babies stay put when were are ill. They usually wait it out with us and then come out.

Your babe is fine. I wish you swift healing and sleep!