Monday, December 24, 2007

a little bit of home..

we are finally in the city to stay(at least for a few weeks) after months of being back and forth for midwife's Christmas eve day and crisp and sunny and no snow to speak of, except up the montains that surround vancouver. i'm feeling a bit homesick for our snowy winter land and our cozy wood-warmed house.
i know that coming here to have the baby was the right choice, but there is nowhere like "home"
so here is a neat picture of our pretty little town, though not blanketed in winter (picture not taken by me..) to remind me that in a few weeks we will be back, and with our newest little one!!

and here are some pictures of our little wintery home taken just this past week..


Lizz said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours~

Aubrey said...

What a cute house! And fantastic gorgeous snowiness. I love the pictures!