Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a sweater that took forever.

i can't actually believe that this is off the needles.. it was such a nightmare to knit.. not because it was hard, but because i ran out of the yarn then couldn't get more.. so it sat..and sat..and sat.. for months..maybe even a year. then i was digging around in my knitting bag (one of many) and found it and said "i have to finish this" so i knit up the rest in another random colourway of the same parentage and dyed it black..then i knit the ribbing with the same HPY but in this beautiful olive green. it turned out really well. except that it was supposed to be for ngaio and it barely fits elwynn.. but oh well.. i hate doing guage swatches, so i have to suck it up..

here it is.. and my sweet elwynn as the model!


Lizz said...

Awesome! And what a sweet boy. He's getting big.

anna said...

The sweater looks beautiful Fern. At least it will last for a while! I cannot believe how much your Elwynn looks like his Papa.