Monday, January 21, 2008

another beautiful day

still pregnant. yep. im going to be pregnant forever..

we took the kiddos and the dog and the remote control spider man monster truck and ngaio's beloved "strawberry shortcake dolls" to the park today to soak up the beautiful January sun...then we decided to walk..and walk..and the fabulous coffee shop that timothy knows of. turns out that wasn't open. so we walked and walked some more back to the park and our car. we are home now and im very glad. walking that far whilst being even more than very pregnant (plus my only pants will not for the life on me stay up so i have to walk while hiking them up, which doesn't really work when you are
a) pushing a buggy b)holding the dig leash c)carrying a child)

anyways, i can't have the baby now for another few days. everything is on hold. no baby. no way. the carpets in my mothers house (where we are birthing) are all being replaced tomorrow. talk about a nightmare. so i'm going to be pregnant for at least until that is done and over with. there is NO way im having a baby while a crew of carpet installers are on the job. wouldn't that be just soooo my luck?

i love being pregnant.


Brynn's Mama said...

Oh dear. Well you know what *that* means. ;)

Lizz said...

Laughing, I've so been there with the pants.

Helen said...

Think of maternity trousers like nursing bras; nursing bras are designed for fast access to boobies, right? Well, maternity trousers are designed for soap opera births, because presumably you won't have time to pull your knickers down ;)

You know,you could just have a nice fast birth in the middle of the night ;)