Saturday, January 26, 2008

some pictures...

1: suzie schulz, RM and baby..1 day old!
2: Big sister Ngaio & babe.
3: day 2. .so awake!
4: not 1 day old..sleeping in the sunshine
5: mama and babe
6: the grrls


anna said...

Thanks for posting pictures Fern! She is so beautiful! Take care.

vloky said...

She is so beautiful! And you look great for having just had a baby!

I am Hawkfeather said...

she is just blissfully perfect momma- that sunshine is lucky to have her!

Lizz said...

I love her head!

You look so sweet, new Mama, it's just tender. All of you are surrounded by love.

jasanna said...

She really reminds me of timothy's baby pictures, with those long closed eye creases and the concerned look. Timothy always looked so worried, like a little old man.

I am Hawkfeather said...

Fern's Gift.

she danced in light and shadow
for years under the surface of everything

and she waited-

In time creation was at hand.
while love called out- a welcome whisper-

and peacefully she waited.

With every twilight fairy tale behind slumbering eyes
with the very flash of flesh meeting- was a glimmer.

and we waited.

to touch perfection with your fingertips-
to allow the mystery and magic to be unknown. but praised.

to wait.
and trust.

Because all of time has brought her to us.
the deep inhale of her beauty..

was more than worth the wait.

zjoandcsmom said...

What a beautiful baby!!! I just saw on MDC and remembered your name...I think we were pg around the same time with my now 2yr old dd. Congrats and she is really beautiful!

Mommy Lynda said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm on MDC also. I love the one with you on the couch with your beautiful girls! You are still glowing.

Ayla said...

congrats, you're all so beautiful!

Saskia said...

how beautiful you look, love it