Monday, January 07, 2008

For the Love of Yarn!

i'm working on this super cute kimono pattern from "for the love of yarn"
(picture from website, not my work!)

knitting it in this beautiful soft dark olivey green yarn from "hand painted yarn" its going to be so sweet when its complete...

sadly ive got baby brain drain and i did the edging all wrong and even though it looks okay i'm too much of a perfectionist to let it ...ill probably frog most of it before doing it again least its keeping my mind off the fact that im now over 39 weeks, we have been here since the 19th of december and still im pregnant. i can't believe that i was worried about the baby coming early...i felt so rushed to get any moment baby was goin gto just fall out.. now im not so sure. one thing i am sure of is that this wee one wont be 10lbs 5oz like her huge sister. im still measuring 37 weeks at 39, totally normal for this stage, but i was something like 42 at 40 weeks and so on.. she was 16 days "late" if a baby can ever be truly late.

despite being so impatient, i still haven't washed out the pool. it is blown up though...
i have mostly everything else that i need except some unbleached Indian prefolds that i plan to buy from a local mama "new and green" here in north vancouver.

i got a package of sweet organic baby things from a"Happy Green Bee" co-op today , so that was fun. it was a splurge and i'm a bit sad since their infant stuff is huge and probably wont fit for 6 months.. but oh well.. im sure the time will fly.

still not sure on names.
everyone in my family has a different idea and see's no problem in telling me how i should name the baby...of course im going to name her whatever i want (well..timothy has some say) but its hard being bombarded day after day with "so what ARE you going to name the baby anyways?"
like, maybe i need to meet her first! sheesh...

ok..going to watch some movie my sister downloaded..

happy knitting!


greencocoon said...

I knit that kimono for my daughter when she was born. It is a great pattern! I was even able to use my handspun wool to make it. She has grown out of hers...I keep thinking about making her a new one for the spring, I think maybe you have just motivated me too!!

anna said...

I have this pattern too, let me know how it knits up!