Friday, January 18, 2008

Today was a better day..

infact, after i posted that short and sad update yesterday i decided to cast on a pair of small longies and knitting did make me feel better.. it was just the current project that wasn't working for me.
im on leg one now and happy, but rubing out of yarn, so i think they will be summer shorts, not longies.. im a bit sad, but i kind of knew there wouldn't be enough of it..

i saw my wonderful midwife suzie today and though im not in labor yet, im much closer than on monday. im sitting at 4cm having lots of painless contractions but they are obviously doing something since i was 1/2cm on friday... its giving me hope that my body does in fact know what its doing and that once i do go into labour it will be quick and i will be holding my healthy baby very soon after! the thought brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart flutter.

im feeling pretty worn out. we took the kiddos to a community hall playgroup this morning which we walked to and the local forest ecology center later i nthe afternoon. i got to see my friend sheila and her beautiful new baby boy cassius again, which made me feel so happy! just holding a new baby is so lovely, even if its not my own! and her older daughter cora and ngaio just love each other and it was really nice to see them together being so 2 and cute.

its late and i need sleep.. maybe tomorrow will be our day!

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anna said...

I know the feeling Fern. Totally worn out. Your body is working hard right now. Rest up.