Friday, January 11, 2008

Its my due date!

It's been a beautiful sunny day here which is a big change from the almost torrential rains of the last few weeks.. last night it rained so hard that all i could hear was the constant patter of huge drops on the roof.. i love rain when i'm inside and cozy snuggled up with a nice cup of tea and a book, or a knitting project!

we just got home from a nice walk in the forest with all 3 dogs (our pup finn, my moms dog willow and my sister's dog katie) & the kids..they always have such a nice time in the woods collecting sticks and ferns and rocks...jumping in mud puddles and climbing up and down tree stumps. at the end of the path sitting on a log in the creek was a huge old Blue Heron. he was just beautiful and so serene and still. ngaio was screetching and he didn't move a muscle. i wish so much that i had my camera. it was such a stunning sight.

Ive been working on a hat the last 2 days that is a bit unusual for me.. its knit with super fine yarn and small needles (baby weight bamboo/wool and 2.5mm &3mm needles) im almost done now...the pattern is here. My knitter friend anna just knit the same hat and said that it turned out tiny, but mine seems huge.. its most likely NOT going to fit a newborn baby. i wonder why they turned out so differently....she must have used lace weight yarn or something!

The kimono is done but for one tie..i'm not a huge fan of doing i-cord, so i took a break. it looks like it wont fit till babe is 6 months old or so anyways, so no rush.. i tried it on our 1 year old foster babe who is pretty tiny and it is kind of short on him but its Very sweet.

happy due date to me!


anna said...

Happy due date Fern!!! Hope you are feeling well, and happy birthing vibes.
I think I used sock weight yarn for that hat.
Can't wait to see the kimono sweater, and the babe that it is for!

fern said...

weird.. i used sock yarn too. i want to bring it over to compare. im done now! but i have no head to try it on.. its too small for ngaio.

jasanna said...

Happy due date fern!! I'm thinking about ya a lot. Hope everything goes well for the birth.