Sunday, November 26, 2006

the winter fair

yesterday was the winter fair at the waldorf is always so beautiful!
elwynn, ngaio and i had a really lovely time. we went through the winter woodland, all magical and wintery. elwynn ate a special cookie from the cookie house, had freshly poped popcorn, and we devoured a caramel apple! we played in the snow, made a yule log and a snowflake christmas ornament ( we will have the most incredible christmas tree this year!) and wandered the fair in awe of all of the beautiful people and festive surroundings

The craft market was just amazing this year. i bought some christams and birthday gifts..ngaio found a doll that she has yet to let go of and elwynn has a new favorite toy..a carved wooden beaver by jalu (a local wood carver. i met and talked with a local momma who makes waldorf dolls, the most lovely ones ive ever seen! and she said she would teach me. im so so excited! her website is..

as always i saw many folks that i rarely see elsewhere. it is always so special to reconnect with everyone. they are people that i think about often, but see only once or wtice a year.

it began snowing while we were waiting in line for the cookie house. what a special gift!
ngaio was born the day after last years fair, born on the first snow of the season.
it made me feel all sad and amazed at the same time. i can hardly grasp how fast time passes and how much can change in such a short span of time.

she has almost completed one whole revolution around the sun!

the snow is still falling heavily and im blissed out at the sight of it.

i love winter!

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