Tuesday, November 14, 2006

my karma yarn..

i just started working (full time daycare.. 10 hour + days. waking up at 5 am!@) after 4 years of being a SAHM with a very tiny income.. but a very calm, quiet, lazy life...
so i decided that i deserved to reward myself with something! i really love chocolate but it just makes me fat, so it had to be yarn..wool..bamboo needles.....

anyways! i made an order at HPY.. 4 skeins of this.. 4 of that.. it added up to quite a lage order. i was so happy and excited to get this yarn in the mail but the day after i ordered the yarn a momma friend of mine asked me if i would knit her little one, Noah, some longies. so i emailed HPY and asked would they please add on some "dark earth" yarn to my order and... a few others as well!
i never got a response so i just made a second order through the website, payed the money and wasn't really sure what was happening.

i got the first order 2 days ago and oh my mother earth goddess!! it was and is just incredible.
i wanted to throw it up in the air and dance around singing.. but i made do with petting, smelling and then knitting something with a few of the skeins. Each colourway is totally unique and some of the yarns are softer than butter...some are perfect bulky single ply goodness..some are a bit thick and thin but still perfect for soakers, longies, mittens, hats, scarves.....

anyways.. i went through the order and realised that he had either forgotten my request to merge the orders or was sending them seperately.. except that if that was the case he had sent me too much or not enough... i sent an email to him asking what was up.. and didnt hear back.
but today i got yet another large package in the mail.containing not only the 4 skeins of dark earth that i had ordered, but 3 others of another colourway.. im really not even sure what it is.. so, a long story short.. i have a lot of amazing yarn to keep me very happy and Very busy all this cold winter long.

i belive that my kindness in offering free knitwear to some mommas/babes in need (despite our still being very low income) has brought this extra lovely yarn to me..
or maybe it was the soo yummy apple turnover that i gave to the man sitting in the pouring rain without an umbrella on commercial drive the other day..either way.. im so excited to finally have a good sellection of really nice yarn to knit lots of beautiful things for everyone i love, and even some folks ive never and probably never will meet.

now i just need to find some more time.. maybe i should forgo sleep altogether.

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