Monday, November 20, 2006

not knitting related, but still really cool!!

we got elwynn a new big boy bed and its so rad! it is a bed, a play area (above) and a play house (below). im so happy that i finally decided to get him this. it's an early birthday gift, because how fair is it that his birthday is on december the 26th?! He doesnt like sleeping in it - yet! but he can finally play with his lego and playmobil without his baby sister getting into it!
want to see?

and here are the playsilks that i dyed being very well loved.
they are probably the most used toy in the house now!!


Melinda said...

That's a very cool bed -- is it from Ikea?

Fern said...

yes! its called "kura" its really great.. it can be a low bed with a conopy or a high bed with a play area under...genius i say!

Sara said...

Cool bed! I've been wanting to get my 4-yr-old a bed of her own, and thought something like this would be fun.