Monday, November 20, 2006

its funny how something that you really love becomes harder when you have to do it..

ive been knitting madly trying to complete hats and longies for sale and trade and gifts for birthdays and christmas that is fast approaching...but all of a sudden my desire to knit has gone south with the birds and im left plugging away reluctantly and guiltily.

i want to love knitting right now.. i need some solace from my everyday craziness, but now that its just another thing i have to do and on top of everything else, im stuggling. maybe i took on too much. but on the other hand.. i want to be making things! because i really do love and enjoy everything to do with yarn and knitting. and maybe it has to do with the baskets of beautiful yarn that are now sitting waiting to be knit up.. its too much pressure!

usually i find a patternand then i think.. "i dont have the yarn to do it".. now i have so much that i can't decide what to do. i actually hid my yarn in my closet for the first time in my life the other day because i just didn't need the reminder that it was sad just sitting there..

anyways, along with that sad story i have completed yet another hat..and tomorow it will be in the mail on route to its new home (along with brynn's hat and scarf)..and hopefully it will be loved and in return keep a small boy's head toasty warm this cold winter.

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