Wednesday, September 03, 2008


so finally, after more than a year! im back online. we live in a rural part of a smallish town on the north thompson river aka. clearwater.. sadly, our home isn't "in" town so we only have access to dial up..but i've never been happier to have slow internet in my life. anything will do. our days of getting out to the library are so few and far between that keeping up with anything on the web is nearly impossible. actually, we go to the library often, but im usually in search of good bedtime stories and something to occupy me on the off chance i have a minute to read to myself.. not to mention ngaio who has her hands in everything she shouldn't as soon as we pass through the doors. and rue who decides that she is famished whenever we aren't snug at home, namely in the car or at the library. but, no more far as summer has gone (really almost gone, we are having hard frosts already..) we had a pretty good one. we moved, yes. stressful..but since then our days have mostly consisted of playing at the river (the raft) and just enjoying the time together. we have enjoyed saturday farmers markets, most especially the strawberry festival. all you can eat local starwberries.. pure and utter bliss! and we (timothy, ngaio, rue & i ) went to an amazing music festival just a few hours from here in the robson valley. it was such a sweet weekend.
a really family friendly, amazing music, wonderful folks good time.
i think i have a bit of a summer hangover today actually. *sigh*

i have much to do here today, school just started for elwynn and there is always piles our house stuff to do. but i wanted to take the opportunity to just say a few words here, just because i missed it so much..

im trying to DL pictures, but its proving difficult with this connection.

till next time,


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jaz said...

good to hear you're back online fern! Wish you could've come visit sometime this summer. Maybe next year. Have a delicious fall... it's so wonderful when the leaves start turning different colors and the air is crisp.