Thursday, July 31, 2008

its a long road..

wow. time flies... its almost august! stormy rainy summer days. we moved again.. just to the next town over from little fort. its a bit sad but our garden is still being cared for by timothy who for now is staying in little fort. my sister moved here a few months back to be a nurse at the clearwater hospital and she and i looked at the lovely little house and decided that it would be fun to live together again.. . i love our new house . its really close to the most beautiful private river beach..a few minutes down the road is a farm with horses and sheep and the local school is about 2km away (its got a rad playground) ive made a bunch of new friends with kids elwynn and ngaio's age and babies too. i feel like im finally finding community out here in the north thompson valley. i even met a daddy who wants to knit with me (and watch football, but hey! a knitting group. woohoo!) there is lots of fun stuff going on here in clearwater. the farmers market is amazing and there are often community bbq's and music in the park and that kinda stuff.

rue is getting to be a crawler! she is up on hands and knees rocking back and forth. every day is a leg and arm strengthening marathon. it wont be long at all before she is on the move. its a bit sad and pretty exciting...the little person in her is emerging and she is pretty lovely.

elwynn is all about art these days. he spends hours and hours drawing, colouring, sketching..its pretty inspiring. i havnt had a minute for anything creative, but lately rue has been wearing a pixie hat i knit while pregnant..white bamboo yarn..and ive had about 8 one day when i have tiome to knit again ill be busy.

ngaio is.......2. im worn out on 2. i love her so much but i want to throw her overboard sometimes.. even often. its pretty hard to be pateint when the whining and screetching are blowing my eardrums. most everything is a huge drama these days. im counting the days to 3.. someone please tell me its the magic end to this not so much fun time.

time is up..

love to everyone who may read this.. one day soon ill have internet again. maybe.
pictures some day too!

until next time.



Michelle said...

Hey there, stranger! Wow...I can SO relate to Ngaio being 2. Noah Sage is 2. He is SO 2. It hurts. Really, really hurts and I can't wait until I can enjoy my time with him more often. As it is, I wake up wondering if it's going to be a great day or if I'll be wishing for a drink or two (or three) at the end of the day. *hugs* mama! This shall pass!

Brynn's Mama said...

Hey!! I've been thinking about you and wanted to share the news with you: I'm pregnant! Can you believe, after all that nay-saying, Brynn won't be an only child after all. :)

But yes, Brynn is in the throes of Two too. LOTS of whining. Like, epic whining. It makes my head want to explode. And more tantrums than usual. Sigh. I'm being beckoned now, in fact.

Lots of love to you, mama!!