Friday, May 16, 2008

april droughts bring may sprouts..

We have been busy busy bee's this spring, but i wanted to take a second to put up a few new pictures of my girls. Elwynn is at school today and we are visting grama G.. these were shot just now with grama's camera..

rue-bee is nearly 4 months old now& ngaio is 2 and a half!


Lizz said...

Oh, so sweet! Thanks Fern for showing off these beauties. They look like sisters.


jaz said...

Rue looks so much like elwynn and ngaio! some pics she looks just like him, and others, her.


anna said...

Rue is a total mix of the two bigger kidlets! So sweet. Hope all is well.

love, a

Hawkfeather said...

oh sister I am missing you so much these days.
I have never even held your sweet girl.
Wishing I could hug ya Fern- hf.
she is gorgeous- like her momma and her big sister.

Princessdenied said...

Hi Fern,
I stopped at the General Store in Little Fort on Friday to nurse my baby on our long trip home. I thought of you and hope you are doing well!!