Saturday, May 03, 2008


hi to everyone that has written on here! its so nice to know that somewhere out there there are people who think of us sometimes. often i feel like we have dropped off the face of the earth onto another much smaller much more isolated star somewhere in another galaxy. i know we aren't that far away, but the momets that i get online, or on the phone, or out of our tiny town are so few and far between its almost impossible for me to connect with anyone. so im sorry to anyone who is waiting to hear from me.. it may be a while.

we are doing well, the garden is starting to be what i think about day and night. im so in live with all of the little sprouts popping up in our tiny green house. mostly its too cold for anything but rhubarb and bulbs but things are greening up quickly. yesterday it was 24 degrees out after a -5 night. crazy mother nature!

hawkfeather if you are reading so sorry for your troubles. ill email you next chance i get.
love to you and your family and it would be great to have more likeminded folk around here. we are about 1.5 hours north of kamloops. on the north thompson river. not much to rent up here though.. but worth looking i think.

must go..babies..poop. hungry bellies.

love and all that stuff.



Lizz said...

Happy Spring Fern & Folk!

Tasha said...

Just wanted to say hi! To-Fu here from MDC. Glad you're doing well. :D

The Slind family said...

Hi MamaFern....this is Hadassah from our Jan MDC....I think about you often and see that you are doing great!