Saturday, September 06, 2008


sphats falls, just a few minutes from our home

timothy & the girls

almost crawling!

rue-bee & mama

rue learning to sit..51/2 or 6 months old..

elwynn & ngaio enjoying a lollipop @ the school was a joyous occasion as they have never been allowed one before.

elwynn, aug.2008@ spahats falls

rue & the umbrella, taken in dunster @ the Robson valley music festival aug 23rd.

rue-bee, 7 months old! sitting in her play corner in our new living room..


Aubrey said...

Ack! You are all just so attractive!! :P Seriously, every one of you is purdy. I can't believe how much Elwynn has changed, what a big kid! I'm so excited to see pictures of you guys & see you posting again. Now I'll go see if you've posted anything else! First I just had to gush about how lovely your family is to look at. lol

Sheila said...

This makes me miss you so much all of a sudden! I can't wait until we can visit.

Brynn's Mama said...

I can't believe how big all of those sweet children have gotten! I am so happy to see new pics of all of you, Fern. :)