Tuesday, February 17, 2009

happy heart day

we don't do a huge "valentines day" thing since in not big on corporate holidays..
but i do like days that are special, that we can celebrate our little family and all of the love we have for each other. for me its not about buying stuff, so we do it our way.

to celebrate we had a pancake breakfast which we shared with my momma and her adopted son. i made egg free pancakes (allergies) shaped as hearts.. of course! lots of butter and organic maple syrup. they were too good to be true.

then we had a beautiful walk in the bright winter sunshine down to the river, and i forgot my camera, as always..it was so warm that we shed our jackets and gloves and hats and played on the few feet of beach beside the river that wasn't covered with snow..the little ones had such a nice time skipping rocks and setting ice flows free down the slowly running winter river. it was heaven on earth. truly.

elwynn was being especially lovey with his sister rue that day.

here are a few photos...


Sheila said...

Rue Bee looks so beautiful in her pink and red!

We had chocolate treats from Sweet Cherubim for breakfast and a boring family day :)

jazzy said...

I remember that little dress shes wearing. It used to be haeven and samayas! Rue-bee is edible. I love the first picture with her fat little finger pointing on the card. I can't wait o come see you all again!