Friday, January 05, 2007

moments in time...

elwynn at the last submissionhold show

at the sunhaven waldorf school summer fair..

ngaio's first cookie

just a few weeks old

i havn't been doing much knitting these days.. i have been organising and tidying and remembering what my kids were like a week ago..a month ago.. a year ago..
so here are some photos from those moments in time.


FillingMyQuiver said...

Fern, your babes are absolutely GORGEOUS!! They have the most beautiful features, especially their eyes.

~*emily*~ said...

Yes, your babes are gorgeous, Fern!

(I have not "introduced" myself before, but I am an MDC mama, and I come to your blog often... you are such an inspiring mama!)

i'm fern said...

thank you both very much!