Tuesday, June 12, 2007

its been a long long time

ngaio and the first radish of the season.. the bunnies enjoyed the greens!
and our wee garden with much life a bloom. there are carrots, beets, spinnach, beans, radishes, chives, lettuce and tomatoes growing..and thats only a teeny part of the garden. sadly we are moving saturday and leaving it all behind, but it will be enjoyed by my sister & family, so i'm happy that it will be loved and nibbled!

veggies of another kind.
i knit these for a craft swap. it was fun making corn and broccoli for the first time. i think that they turned out really well and i know the momma and kids love them!

missy ngaio being silly, as usual.

and last but not least elwynn aka batman!


Aubrey said...

So where are you guys moving to? Once upon a time you mentioned you might get some milk goats once you're moved, are you moving someplace with land? Is it a house you all will live in alone? I need details! :p
I LOVE the veggies you knit! How totally cute. And your kidlets are of course, way way cute too. ;)

Nicole said...

Gosh could the kids be any stinkin cuter? I doubt it though your knit veggies are ALMOST just as cute ;)...I was sad as I read you had to leave your garden as I have been having garden lust but atleast you can visit right?

Sara said...

Your kids are incredibly cute (and the knitted veggies!) I wish I spent more time doing crafty stuff.

p.s. I tag you for the Middle Name Meme.

randal said...

Hi Fern! Its anna blowing kisses from Vancouver!
Missing you and thinking about you lots.... not sure if you guys even have a computer but just wanted to say H-E-L-L-O!
Let me know how life is and how the little ones are.

love, anna

Lizz said...

Can't wait for an update!