Monday, March 12, 2007

a work in progress

this is 5 ours of tattooing and its not finnished yet. there is still another whole fern frond and some fiddleheads that need to be added, as well as a bunch more colour and shading... after 5 hours under the needle it started to get to be a bit we will continue on after this is healed up and maybe add the second part next weekend. this picture looks pretty mucky, but i will get some better pictures up soon.
it was a pretty intense and emotional experience having this done.
i absolutely love it and im so happy matta was the one doing it. she rocks!
i'll elaborate at a later date, right now my baby needs me..


FillingMyQuiver said...

Oh Fern, it looks lovely. I can't wait to see the finished tat. I have a small one on my hip and would LOVE one across my back (I even have the design in my head), but you are a braver woman than I getting one on your forearm. It looks like it would HURT!!!

Expose and Manifest said...

Oh WOW- that is amazingly beautiful! I agree with the previous commenter though- it really looks like it would HURT on the forearm.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE it. It's Beautiful! (I've been peeking in here occasionally from your link on MDC.)