Thursday, February 08, 2007

bunny love!

we have a new family member!
after a fun trip to the sunshine coast to see our dear friends hawkfeather and lorne and their sweet kids, we decided to adopt one of the bunnies that was temporarily living on their farm.
he is a brown and black lop named "rabbit" but we are calling him "bunny my hunny" for long..or short..
he is the most sweet tempered cuddly creature that i have ever met and im madly in love already.

*sigh* this is why they call it bunny love!


FillingMyQuiver said...

Oh Fern!! He is the absolute sweetest!! My mom has a grey/ white bunny named Sun Bun that we visit often. I think he's a lop, but I can't remember right now, LOL. The kiddos love feeding him his yogurt treats and he's so gentle. I can't wait to have a house w/ some property so we can have a bunny. How exciting for the babes :)

~*emily*~ said...

Oh, how sweet that bunny is! So cute. I have been thinking about getting a rabbit... now I may have to, lol. So you are keeping him inside? That is good to know, as I thought rabbits had to stay out. I think I need to research more first, lol.

Congrats on the new addition :)

georgiagirl said...

Hi Fern, I found you from your post on MFD. I have buns too! I really like your site, have a great day!